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Enrollment Services Designed for Companies of all Industries and Sizes

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Enrollment Solutions is the only firm I trust with my clients.  Their attention to detail, professional counselors, and top tier service are a must have in our marketplace.



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Innovative Capabilities

Setting higher standards and questioning status quo allows us to generate innovative solutions.

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Enrollment Solutions by the Numbers

60,933 Policies
1209 Number of Clients
16 Years of Benefit Experience

Client Flexibility

Our approach to client flexibility involves looking at each situation individually. This enables us to engage our clients in a way that works best for them.

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We connect brokers and Human Resource managers with the best Voluntary Benefit products on the market. Learn more about our benefit plans, extensive network and dependable coverage below.


Employees who can’t work because they’re sick or hurt may have a tough time paying for everyday living expenses.

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With health care costs rising, it’s important to do everything you can to help your employees prepare for life’s sudden turns.

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  Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance complements major medical coverage by providing a lump-sum benefit that can be used to pay for the direct and indirect costs

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In addition to rising treatment costs, there can be other expenses to consider when a family member is dealing with cancer.

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  Hospital Confinement

This type of coverage can provide employees with a soft landing if you need to move to a major medical plan that has higher out-of-pocket costs.

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Life insurance products enable your employees to tailor coverage for their individual needs.

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Regular dental care is an important part of maintaining overall health.

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