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Seamless Benefit Enrollment

Annual benefits enrollment can be confusing and time-consuming. How much will the benefits cost for the new year? What has changed? Which is the best plan for myself and my family? Employees are often handed packets of information, without any idea where to start. Our team of professional Benefit Counselors are ready to work with you to ensure a seamless benefit communication and enrollment package. Statistics have shown that an employee that understands their benefit package is more likely to stay with their employer and we can help you implement a strategy that creates a more loyal employee demographic.

Flexible Solutions

Our team can install one of our licensed platforms or we can train our team to enroll in your current enrollment system, it’s your choice!

Employers are continuing to do all they can do to expand their benefit packages. Many times spending much of their overhead on a comprehensive Total Rewards Package to remain competitive. Retaining and attracting quality employees is more important than ever in today’s economy. However, if your benefits are not properly communicated to your employees, you might feel as if your great benefit package is going to waste. That is where Enrollment Solutions can help.

We offer a variety of benefit enrollment services including:

Our team at Enrollment Solutions can sit down with your employees for one-on-one, onsite enrollment support. Enrollment Solutions can also support multiple languages.

Local and national enrollment teams, including a full-time Call Center Team, licensed in all 50 states. Our call center hours are flexible to meet our clients’ needs but normally run from 8am–8pm.

Self-enroll via onsite workstations that our team will set up and manage.

Customized new hire support and multi-year enrollment strategy.


Our team will deliver post enrollment reports, participation, and client feedback. We can also work with our team to see if EDI connectivity is needed and create a custom process for your team.

Total Compensation Services

Total Compensation Statements allow employees to see the true value of their overall benefits package. This includes not only their salary, but also what the employer contributes toward employee benefits as well as any other categories that can be quantified. Samples of other categories include PTO, sick leave, uniforms, work phones, holiday parties, etc. Employees often don’t have a good understanding of what their employer contributes toward their benefits, and these statements allow employees the opportunity to gain a better understanding, and thus appreciation, for what their employer does for them.

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